goat satay recipe is tender and delicious

goat satay recipe is tender and delicious – baiklah pembaca semua, dihari yang indah ini tabloidkuliner.com akan berbagi informasi tentang “goat satay recipe is tender and delicious“. harapan kami resep ini berguna untuk kamu yang hobi memasak. jangan lupa bagikan goat satay recipe is tender and delicious ini ke rekan anda ya.

goat satay is delicious with goat meat is tender, because sometimes an issue when individuals try in order to make the resulting meat was tough, yes could be too sad with these families that have teeth that aren‘t strong, can be able to arrive at eat lots of meat could be separated teeth, to supply a delicious satay allow us to think about the satay recipes approach cook from our following.

Make goat satay Ingredients :

750 grams of goat meat, cut into cubes about 2 cm
15 stalk skewers which have been soaked in water

Goat Sate Seasoning Ingredients spread :

5 bits of orange leaves are chopped fine
10 grains of red onion finely sliced
pepper 1 tablespoon
soy sauce 100ml
lime juice 2 tbsp

Supplementary Material goat satay :

cabbage finely sliced 50 ounces
4 pcs tomatoes thinly sliced
6 tbsp fried onions for topping

Seasoning Soy Sauce Ingredients :

15 pcs chili finely sliced
10 grains of red onion finely sliced
5 tablespoons soy sauce
pepper 1 tsp
2 tbsp lemon juice

How you can Make and cook goat satay Seasoning Soy Sauce :

Your first step mutton wash and drain.
You then skewers with satay puncture, each puncture is stuffed with 4 to 5 bits of mutton.
Next you mix all of the ingredients and spices to spread satay.
Then Apply satay use herbs which have been provided and grilled satay upon the coals while occasionally smeared using remaining seasoning to meat goats has really matured and also has permeated the seasoning.
You then produce a seasoning sauce by mixing all of the ingredients and seasoning to taste.
The final step you serve satay sauce together with herbs and complementary materials.

Six steps make satay seasoning sauce easy right, surely you are able to to really make it, remember to serve using the adore which you serve this family is much more dear for you because you‘re now a very good cook and makes lots of dishes to find out for this site.

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