Secret Recipes "Rendang" typical Minang kabau.

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Rendang is a traditional cuisine bersantan with beef as the main ingredient. Typical cuisine from West Sumatra is very popular in all circles of society be it in Indonesia itself or abroad. In addition to beef, rendang also use coconut (Karambia), and the mixture of various herbs typical of Indonesia, including chili (Lado), galangal (langkueh), lemongrass (sarai), onion and various spices which are commonly referred to as Pamasak ‘.

I think why rendang dishes could be so delicious. In my judgment spices included as an ingredient in cooking rendang is almost the same as the spices in the cuisine of other regions. After doing a long thinking, philosophizing, ask questions, and gather information from various sources, we conclude it turns out the reason there are two things, namely:

First, Rendang has a distinguished position in the culture of Minangkabau society. Rendang has its own philosophy of Minangkabau society that deliberation departing from four basic ingredients, namely:

-Dagiang (Beef), is a symbol of niniak Mamak (indigenous tribe leaders),

-Karambia (Coconut), is a symbol Cadiak Clever (Intellectuals),

-Lado (Chili), is a symbol of Muslim Scholars spicy. Stick to teach syarak (religion),

-Pamasak (Seasoning), a symbol of Minangkabau society overall.

Because that’s the philosophy of the rendang tasted so delicious. Tempt us to taste the richness of taste and makes us fall in love to feel again the taste of a dish perfection.

Second, because of the uniqueness and complexity of the manufacturing process. Make rendang requires more patience. Can not be left for various reasons. We must always stand by at any time to stir. rendang cooking stove fire using fire instead of oil or gas burner. Need knack also in play fire. There are times when the fire was brought up there is also the time of fire diminished.

cook randang

“Food is the most complicated of manufacture: rendang padang. Cooking the most complicated pattern because it requires foresight, patience, and passion. And, can not be left behind …!
Making rendang can not mess around. If not always stirred and not pay attention to the cooking fire will burn and the work will end up in vain.

As the name implies, of course, the material should provide is beef. To be more delicious rendang, select beef with no fat part. To cook the beef, there are two ways. So that the meat was tender and not tough, you can presto. But for those of you who do not have the tools presto, you can cut the meat with a thin and slightly beat so precocious when boiled. Thin meat will also make more seasoning to seep into it. Then the other important tips is when you boil the milk. In order not to break the coconut milk is boiled, stir the coconut milk in a pan with moves such as draw. Do not also mute the milk without stirring. Coconut milk is broken will affect the quality of your rendang.

Cuisine rendang incomplete if served without sauce. green chili sauce is the perfect match for your rendang. There are also fresh vegetables potato leaves as a vegetable you. If you do not like the sweet potato leaves, you can replace them with young jackfruit vegetable. But there are actually two kinds of rendang dishes. Black and brown rendang. Rendang encountered normally. The difference is in the black rendang sauce added for those who do not like spicy food. For those of you who want to try, add Bango sweet soy sauce on your rendang. Because Bango sweet soy sauce made from natural materials such as black soybeans and palm sugar, so do not reduce your rendang delicacy.

The main ingredients of beef rendang recipe

     Typical Beef 2 pounds of fat and diced wash.

     Coconut milk 2 liters (Do not use instant coconut milk)

Ingredients seasoning beef rendang

     7 cloves of garlic

     1/2 tablespoon coriander

     Turmeric 1 vertebra thumb that has been burned

     1 vertebra thumb galangal

     2 cm ginger burned

     6 grains of walnut

     100 grams red chili

     100 grams of curly red chilies to taste

     14 spring onions

     1 teaspoon toasted cumin

     2 1/2 teaspoons salt

     1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Blend all the seasoning rendang recipe above.

Seasoning Ingredients Rendang Padang

     3 stalks lemongrass leaves crushed

     3 leaves of turmeric

     4 cm kandis acid

     5 lime leaves

How to Make Beef Rendang Padang Typical:

First prepare a large skillet and then enter the input coconut flavor that has been crushed before, do not forget to add kandis acid, turmeric leaf, lemon grass leaf stems and stir continuously for about 30 minutes on medium heat slowly and evenly so as not to break the coconut milk later . Add chunks of beef to the pan before stirring constantly until boiling, then reduce the flame, stirring constantly coconut milk thickens back up and become dry.

Tips For Rendang Autos For Selling

     For those of you who want to open a business rendang, when the usual way of packaging and the use of ordinary plastic, then rendang roughly only able to survive for a week.

     However, by using a home vacuum sealer with a price range of about 500ribuan then rendang durability could be a month.

     But how to keep the durability of food packaging could be much longer? that the sterilization process. To do that, first of all rendang that has become incorporated into the heat-resistant plastic and then vacuum. after the vacuum, and then sterilized by steaming. This process can make lasting durability Rendang can be up to a year without preservatives. Please try

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